our connected trash can

Our tool to precisely quantify in real time how much waste a company produces.

An individual and collective analysis.

Every trash can is able to recognize who is throwing away their waste thanks to an NFC module. Thereby our app offers graphs of collective consumption but also represents the consumption of each unique individual.

Sorting waste is obvious…


Plastic (PMC)


Organic waste

All of your waste

2 keys


M5Stack microcontroller, PIR motion detector, NFC module, LED’s… Our connected bin is a real technological jewel! All of this allows it to be as precise in the collection of data.


We made the choice of a daring design by taking the shape of the triangle which favors assembly between multiple of our trash cans. Particular thought has been given to making it a designer piece of furniture that blends elegantly into trendy work spaces.


Filling level

Employee recognition

Trash waste

Power-bank battery

Motion detector & automatic opening

Humidity sensorTESTING



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