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We accompany you  by indicating the procedure to follow to achieve # ZeroWaste as an end goal

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An expert analyzes the company’s waste management before we come and install our trash cans. At the same time, we evaluate the number of trash cans required and how they should be positioned in the company.


We install our connected trash cans in strategic locations, defined thanks to our audits. During this installation, we will spend one afternoon explaining the app and the trash cans to help each employee get started with it.

Monitoring & Advice

We are continually adding challenges and personalized advice to the company based on the data collected.

#ZeroWaste Merchandising

We offer reusable sandwich packaging, eco-friendly mugs and other customizable products that promote a sustainable transition.

Replacement and repair

In the event of wear over time, our team is responsible for replacing defective parts. We also come and repair the trash cans in case of damage.


We respond to technical issues and any questions and concerns during office hours.

Mises à jour

We are constantly improving and updating the app and our connected trash can.


We offer various “à la carte” workshops to give advice adapted to any situation and its evolution, such as “The best fun tools for achieving zero waste at your workplace”.

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